My Mac OS crashed. This is how I fixed it.

Yesterday, I received an update notification for the latest release of MacOS High Sierra. So I clicked the update and restart button.

It was noon and I was not at home but in a coffee shop browsing the web about Travis CI. The internet connection was fairly stable in the coffee shop until I noticed the update progress bar was stuck at 50% for some time. I clicked the cancel button and went home.

I restarted the update at home and it was successful until my computer
restarted. I was prompted that an update failed to install. I clicked continue and my computer booted as normal. I was able to use it.

I check the updates and there was still an update left. I thought this was the one that did not install successfully. So I clicked the update button again. My computer rebooted and I was able to use my it flawlessly.

Until I shut it down…

I opened my computer in the evening and it booted slowly until it crashed. I was prompted with this screen.


I tried rebooting nth times to no avail.

I was frustrated.

I calmed down and pondered on solutions. I created a hypothesis that it might be a bad install because of the experience I had earlier noontime.

The solutions I had were bringing it to the Apple store and have it fixed or find online some suggestions. I went with the latter.

Normally, during crashes, the solution is to reformat or erase everything and do a clean install. This solves most problems but with the sacrifice of loss of files and more effort to fix.

I didn’t want to do that.

The suggestion I found online was to reinstall the OS. For me, I had High Sierra as my OS.

So I restarted my computer and pressed  CMD +R  while it was booting.

This procedure will bring up the disk utility app.

On the disk utility, I opt to install MacOS again. My computer restarted and installed MacOS.


I waited 1-2 hours for it to complete. After that, I was able to log in and use my computer. My files were still intact. All of my worries were gone.



  • Don’t download and install an update when the internet connection is unstable.
  • Don’t rush into solutions. Think as many solutions and try the most practical one.
  • Share the problem and solution.

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