Love at VS Code? My first impression

TLDR; I am starting to fall in LOVE with VS Code

As a tester, I write automated tests. I use an IDE or text editor to do so.

Since I learned how to write tests with Python, I used Pycharm exclusively. I liked using it since it is powerful. It has IntelliSense, themes, command line and much more. I used it both on Windows and Mac. However, in time, I noticed it is becoming sluggish. Unfortunately, I don’t have a fast computer so it adds damage to my patience.
Pycharm Screenshot

I explored other text editors like Atom. I liked how minimalist it is. I just can write and run code on it. What’s good about Atom is it is highly customizable. You can import plugins to suit your workflow. So if you miss the IntelliSense, themes, command line and much more, you can just install it. After a while, I also notice it becoming sluggish on Windows and Mac. Sometimes I experience errors because of the compatibility of the plugins. It is frustrating.

Atom Screenshot

I think both Pycharm and Atom are good development tools but it favors power users with powerful computers because they can maximize its features.

Finally, I tried VS Code and I was impressed by it’s UX. So much that I installed it on both Windows and Mac.

Create Test Cases

I liked how the UI is neatly placed. Elements and partitions are well balanced. Intuitively, I can decipher what’s going on with the UI. From the icons to the views and the tabs.

Performance wise, it is faster than what I am used to. It also has all the power and configuration a coder needs. I can go install-happy on installing plugins!

Basically, it’s what they described- lightweight and powerful.

It is excellent for beginners more so power users.

For some reason, I favor using it on Mac just because it feels more smooth.

I haven’t spend a lot of time on it but my first impression was lovely! VS Code did a good job of taking what worked well and what didn’t from other products and improved on it.

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