What the f*** is PATH?

When installing applications. The installation guide always says to add this to the PATH. But what the f*** does that mean?

:~user$ echo $PATH

As a beginner this is confusing. You just want to get the thing running without errors.

Let’s dig in.

From StackOverflow:

It is a list of directories in which to search for executable files.

It is when you try to execute a command from your shell (or from within some other program in certain ways), it will search through each of the directories in this list, in order, looking for an executable file of the name you’re provided, and run the first one it finds.

Basically, it is a configuration needed in order for your programs to run.

It can be set on the .bash_profile file for Linux/Unix or the control panel for Windows.

To know more about PATH and .profiles check out these links:




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